• All External Doors Closed
  • All External Windows Closed
  • All Internal Doors Open
  • Drainage Traps Filled With Water
  • Loft Access Shut
  • Fire Places Sealed/Fluu’S Blocked
  • Extractions Sealed -Ventilation,
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Etc..(Use Low Tack Masking/Gaffer Tape)
  • Trickle Vents Closed Not Sealed
  • All Builders Work Completed
  • All Sockets And Light Switches Fitted
  • All Downlighters Fitted
  • Any Cracks Or Holes Within The Fabric Of Walls, Floors Or Ceilings To Be Caulked Or Filled.(See Below –Typical Areas Of Leakage)
  • Mains 240 Volt Electricity On

Not To Seal

  • Seals To External Doors
  • Seals To Windows Or Sills
  • Seals To Drains Or Sills
  • Seals To Trickle Vents
  • Seals To Loft Access

Each Site Visit Includes Multiple Tests On The Same Dwelling In Order To Achieve The Dap. Engineer’S Site Visit Time Is Set For A Maximum Of 90Mins, If It Exceeds This Time A Surcharge Of £90Per Hour Will Be Charged.

Typical Areas Fo Leakage And Recommendations

1 Around All Supply And Waste Pipes Through The Entry Or Exit Point Of Internal And External Walls (Behind Bath Panels, Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks Etc.)

2 Boiler Fluu Exit Points Through External Walls

3 Between Skirting And Floor Join (Leaks From Behind The Plasterboard-Espeacially Timber Construction Dwellings)

4 Where Plasterboard And Exposed Beams Meet (Espeacially Timber Construction Dwellings)

5 Around Fluu Plates Fiitings For Log Burners