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Sound Testing

Sound insulation testing is carried out to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations Document E 2003. There are further requirements set out in other documents such as BB93, The Code for Sustainable Homes, HTM 08-01 and BREEAM schemes.

Sound Insulation Testing also referred as acoustic insulation or acoustic testing is a process of testing the resistance to the passage of sound in a new constructed building. A sample of dwelling on new construction development project is performed to ascertain the sound insulation level in certain building elements. It is done to make sure that the amount of noise in the building does not affect the neighbours and environment.

The process of sound insulation guarantees a good quality of life for the residents of the building tested and the neighbours also. It is a compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations.

Southern Assessors has the professional UKAS accredited engineers to perform sound insulation testing services throughout the UK. They have professionals who can advice you from design to completion.

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  • Southern Assessors provide UKAS accredited engineers to carry out airborne and impact sound insulation testing throughout the UK
  • Professional and reliable service
  • Advisory service from design to completion

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